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Round Square Africa Conference Review


That is probably the best way to describe what happened with the downloads from the Round Square Africa Conference app. Apart from the high degree of usage of the app that we saw and the feedback that was given to me personally by conference delegates and their parents we had a MASSIVE download rate.

Here are some of the figures that we recently got together to put it into perspective:

There were 119 IOS and 51 Android installations over a period of 18 days, 170 in total. With the total number of user ID’s issued to conference delegates, Round Square representatives, supporting staff, administrators and media being 185 it means that we had a total installation of 92%! That is absolutely OUTSTANDING!

It has been an absolute pleasure to watch the chat conversations rolling through and seeing the delegates interacting using their app has been very rewarding. I was even excited to see the alerts going out to all of the users to chase them for something or remind them of another.Round Square Africa Conference

Overall, we are very proud to have been involved with the Round Square Africa Conference with our application and are even more proud that almost every one involved made use of the SchoolApp that we created for them.

If you would like to know more about how we can create your own SchoolApp for you, please contact Anthony, we would be very happy to work with you to create your own app for your school.


Round Square Africa Conference App

We are very proud to have been given the opportunity to create the Round Square Africa Conference app based on our SchoolApp platform. Key to the success of the week long conference with roughly 200 delegates visiting from all over the world is the need to communicate.

With the event being held at the extensive grounds of St.Stithians college in Johannesburg South Africa and with the delegates being organised into several groups, the SchoolApp is the perfect communication tool. With each Barazza group and school having their own groups, delegates have been given a tool to support the service, leadership, communication, and cooperation aims of the conference.

With each delegate having access to their own tailored schedule, news feed and chat facility, we are certain that they will have a new dimension for their conference experience.

Round Square

Thank you to Knights Prep

At the beginning of this year we had the great pleasure of implementing our first SchoolApp into Knights Prep in Johannesburg. Implementing the app was a leap
of faith for both the school as well as ourselves as we knew that once it was live we would see what would really happen.

Thankfully, with the effort that was put in by
the whole team at Knights Prep, the issues that have been identified and one by one we have been resolving them to make the system not only more stable, but more user focussed. New features and improvements to existing functionality have been ongoing over the last few months all driven by user feedback and input.

As a developer, it is always exciting to take what you have been working on and to put it into the hands of someone else and at Knights Prep we have found a trusted partner. We will always be grateful to them for their faith in us and their trust that we have their best interests at heart.

To visit Knights Prep, please go to:

Knights Prep

App your game at the Networking Conference!

A few nights ago I had the absolute honour of demonstrating the app that TwentySix TwentyEight developed for the upcoming Networking Conference. After the speeches, presentations and prizes were over the real fun began when I had the chance to chat to a number of people about apps and what they would like to have created.


Being in the technology game it is really not hard for me to imagine building any number of applications. I know how to start and I know when I will be successful but speaking to so many people I realised just how many fantastic idea’s are out there but generally folk don’t know where to begin.

This is the crux of what I want to talk about at the conference. Discussing with entrepreneurs what makes a good app and how to develop their idea to the point where it can be built. I will be talking about costs but far more importantly I will be sharing different methods of funding the application development process. Just as importantly, I will spend a lot of time discussing marketing strategies for selling the app (if that is what the app is for).

So come and join me and lets work out how to breath life into your app!