Everyone needs an app

The world has changed thanks to Apple, Google and a few others and the realm of awesome technology has been made available to businesses in a way that it never was before.

I am of course speaking of the power of the simple app.

In the past, business systems have been expensive to create and maintain and even basic off-the-shelf packages have been very costly. Building bespoke applications that suite a specific businessneed was seldom undertaken by anyone apart from large companies due to the cost.

photodune-5420399-many-words-lApps have changed all of that with their relatively low cost of development, maintenance and far greater flexibility. There have been many examples and there will be many more in the future, of how small companies have used applications to expand and grow and become significant companies in their own right. It is a trend that is increasingly driving the world forward.

TwentySix TwentyEight was founded on the principle that every small to large business should be able to access technology and enable their businesses through the development of systems that suit their specific needs. More than that we believe strongly that spending money on building systems must bring a return on the investment.

So that is where we come in. We love working with our clients to figure out how spending money on application development can make them money and become a proper source of revenue in the future. Knowing that there is a way to make almost every idea a good business proposition, how can you not have an app?