App your game at the Networking Conference!

A few nights ago I had the absolute honour of demonstrating the app that TwentySix TwentyEight developed for the upcoming Networking Conference. After the speeches, presentations and prizes were over the real fun began when I had the chance to chat to a number of people about apps and what they would like to have created.


Being in the technology game it is really not hard for me to imagine building any number of applications. I know how to start and I know when I will be successful but speaking to so many people I realised just how many fantastic idea’s are out there but generally folk don’t know where to begin.

This is the crux of what I want to talk about at the conference. Discussing with entrepreneurs what makes a good app and how to develop their idea to the point where it can be built. I will be talking about costs but far more importantly I will be sharing different methods of funding the application development process. Just as importantly, I will spend a lot of time discussing marketing strategies for selling the app (if that is what the app is for).

So come and join me and lets work out how to breath life into your app!