The Founders

Anthony Poplett

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With extensive experience on small to large systems development projects for more than a decade in various environments and with multiple underlying technologies, Anthony has now dedicated himself to building mobile apps in the small and medium enterprise markets. With a passion for building business-enabling apps and a drive to make it profitable to do so, Anthony is now focussed oncreating a business based on enabling the success of others.

“The complex business problems we face today can’t be solved with the same thinking that created them.”

– Marty Neumeier

Dawie Botes

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With over 10 years’ experience in technology, in various roles spanning Systems Administration, Channel Delivery Ownership and Business Architecture, Dawie incubated the passion for intuitive, simple and value-add applications to customers. Majority of his career was spend within Financial business areas, where he would understand the fundamental requirements a user needs to fulfil their role. Applying financial principles in business allows the mindset of clear integrity in both business practice as well as data. As an avid Gadget enthusiast Dawie is excited about applying his knowledge and skill in building leading edge applications, spanning a wide customer base. In his personal life, Dawie is the father of 2, and enjoys technology and speed, especially combined.

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