Every teacher and parent of school-going children will know the difficulty of getting communication right. Knowing where your children should be, what school work should be done, sharing important notices about events and enabling group discussions to clear up confusion is key to supporting quality education.

If your experience is anything like ours has been, there are too many e-mails, SMS’s and group chats to manage and an over abundance of communication that has nothing to do with you. Multiply that by the number of children you have and it becomes very challenging to manage. Old messaging systems and applications simply do not have the ability to engage people in real, targeted and relevant communication which means that more often than not, important information is simply lost. Schools inevitably wind up in one of two camps, they either horribly under or they woefully over communicate.

To address these problems, we have created the School App Project. It has been specifically designed to address the shortcomings of traditional messaging systems by personalising the communication experience for teachers, parents and children. A complete re-design of messaging within the app allows you to attach yourself to groups set up by teachers and in so doing, you choose to be involved in the communications, the calendar events and news updates.

Catering for several children at the same school, parents get a consolidated view of all of the information in one place for all of their children. All of the news, all of the chats and all of the calendar entries in one single app. What could be easier?

Most importantly, we are partnering with schools and parents to create new functionality that makes the whole system more useful and relevant over time. Some of the functionality that we are currently designing based on suggestions and discussions with our schools is going to make a real difference in the lives of everyone so watch this space!


Note from the co-founders:

For Anthony this means no more forgetting where the kids are supposed to be, what they are supposed to bring and what homework is supposed to be completed. Hopefully he won’t get into trouble anymore . . .