Church Communicator

Our Church Communicator is a leading communication tool designed specifically to enable you to connect with your audience in the personal way that you need to. With flexibility built right into the system, you have one  central place to connect with the people who matter the most.

We will create your own Church Communication app powered by our communication platform and published by us on your behalf to both the Apple and Google play stores. What better way to build and grow your relationship with your audience?

Organized around the groups that you already have in your church and with the flexibility to have as many as you wish, the Church Communicator lets you create and share calendar entries, news items, sermons and push notifications with your audience right from your phone, tablet or computer.

Studies suggest that people are spending hours on their smartphones and tablets each day consuming content using apps, the majority of which are in apps that allow them to connect with one another. Our Church Communication system allows your audience to not only see the items that you post but aLao provides them with a built in interactive tool to keep their conversation going.