With community needs at the core, our ResidentsApp communication application gives Residents Associations the most powerful communication tool they could ever hope for. Communicating becomes easy, targeted and grouped around those things that matter all driven by you and what your association needs.

All in your very own app!

GroupsCreate groups for community news, local service providers, security issues or anything else that you would find useful and it will immediately be available for your residents to join.

ChatWith the group chat facility your residents and members will get to be included in the conversation which is so essential for building strong community engagement and involvement.

ScheduleGoing to have a community meeting? No problem, just add an event to the schedule and everyone connected with that group will get the event in their own personal in-app schedule.

AlertsBroadcasting alerts to your community is simple and accessible with the ResidentsApp. You can do it from wherever you are at no cost at all. Write what you want and send it from your phone, tablet or computer. It is that easy.

The app pays for itself! Adding another cost into your residents association is never going to be accepted. Adding a cost reducing and advertising generating tool however is completely different. Our ResidentsApp gives you a platform that not only reduces the cost of communication by reducing your reliance on SMS’s but far more importantly gives you a platform to drive local advertising. Increasing revenue while cutting costs is a win-win we can all understand.

Apple App StoreWe have designed your ResidentsApp to be accessible from your IOS and Android enabled phones and tablets so that everyone can access it right where they are. It is like holding your community right in your hands.

Google Play LogoPower users (residents association officials) can access your own web portal to administer the application from their computers. Be it sending alerts, writing news articles, adding new members or creating an event you can do it all from your computer.

With you and your association at the core, we believe we have developed the best community communication application there is. We are absolutely not finished though. We know that while you use the application you are going to have idea’s about what YOU would like to see and what you would like to do. So please let us know and we will work with you and other associations to build new features that will give you even more value from your ResidentsApp.

So please get in touch with us! We would love to create and publish your unique ResidentsApp with you.