Businesses in the exhibition industry face the constant challenge of balancing the need to market their services to gain new exhibitors against the necessity to deliver a quality experience for visitors and delegates.

With very little time to dedicate to marketing, exhibition businesses and their clients are increasingly looking to other opportunities to gain as much exposure at as low a cost as possible. Trade fairs and Expo’s create an opportunity for exhibitors and potential clients to connect, however this exposure is limited to the period of the expo weekend and not every exhibitor can be interviewed by each visitor which is why we have developed our application.

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We have designed the Expo App to add value to visitors and delegates by:

  • providing detailed information about your expo
  • creating a space for each exhibitor to market their products and services
  • linking video’s and images to exhibitors to make the application interactive
  • making special offers and competitions more visible to guide visitors to exhibitors
  • providing a mechanism to easily create a favourites list for later review

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Made for IOS and Android for both mobile phone and tablet formats, the Expo App is designed to make it easy for users to explore the exhibitors as well as re-enforce the need for visitors to attend the show or they will not be able to take advantage of the specials.

We look forward to talking to you about how we can build and publish an expo app for your expo!

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