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Splendid Affairs Wedding Day Planner

This app was created by the Splendid Affairs Wedding Company because we believe that every bride deserves a Splendid Wedding Day. Splendid Affairs Wedding Day allows you to create the script that you need to guide your perfect wedding in a simple, easy to use process. Downloading this application gives you the tools to be in control of your wedding by easily building detailed schedules that you can share with your suppliers, vendors and bridal party whenever you wish. The app is designed to allow you to load all-important information using prompt fields with space to capture specific instructions at each step. Sharing the information is easy with all of your suppliers and vendors at your finger tips, ready to receive crucial instructions about your wedding.

Communication between the couple and suppliers is a critical aspect of the planning process. Your suppliers and vendors need to know all important details about your location, timing of the events, order of the events and other important details. You are getting married for the first time, so how are you to know what is important and what is not? The Splendid Wedding Day app will keep you on track. All you need to do is load the contact details of your chosen wedding suppliers, and adjust the desired timing dials of the pre-loaded schedule of events to suit your needs. Then simply click the share button and a PDF version of your wedding day can be emailed to an individual vendor, all suppliers, the wedding party or everyone. Your PDF document is then used across the suppliers to ensure that everyone is on the same page. As things change during the planning process, adjusting your schedule and then sharing important changes with everyone involved at your wedding can be done in a matter of minutes.

Splendid Affairs Wedding Day gives you all of these must-have features to make your day a success:

  • A count-down to your wedding day!
  • Supplier and vendor creation and notes specific to that contact to capture instructions or reminders
  • Bridal party creation with fields that let you add specific information or instructions to that contact
  • A detailed schedule for the bride to allow vendors and suppliers to know exactly where they need to be and when
  • A detailed schedule for the groom to keep them on track and get them to the church on time
  • The ceremony order of events from the arrival of the guests to the photo shoots
  • Details and schedules for the cocktail hour
  • The all-important schedule of the reception, catering for everything from final lighting checks to the serving of the meals
  • Share all of the wedding schedule and information with a specific person, vendor or supplier or even the whole wedding party by e-mailing a PDF directly from the app as many times as you like!

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Best of all, if there is a contact or a schedule item that is unique to your wedding, you can add them to the list and place them on anywhere on the schedule with ease!

Click the link to download it now and make your wedding day run stress free!